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SAP Junior Developer

SAP Senior Developer

We are looking for motivated SAP developers who want to apply their expertise and passion in sophisticated customer projects, as well as our in-house product development.


SAP PLM Consultant

We are looking for an experienced consultant in the SAP environment, who enjoys to analyze complex issues, to structure them, to design solutions and implement them efficiently.


Werden Sie Projektteammitglied und lernen Sie alle Facetten der SAP Beratung hautnah kennen


Student Apprentice SAP Consulting

Student Apprentice SAP Development

We are not looking for coffee maker, but motivated people who want to play a role in the company's success.

WerkstudentWorking Student

Working Student for the Entry into the SAP Development

Working Student for the Entry into the SAP Consulting

Connect succesfull theory and practice at Milliarum GmbH & Co. KG.

AbschlussarbeitFinal Thesis

Bachelor-, Master-, Diplom thesis in the SAP Development/ Consulting

Write your final thesis in a company and work on a practical question. You will be assigned to a supervisor who incorporate you and is available to assist you with any questions.