Foundation of Milliarum which focuses on the design, implementation and further development of integrated SAP project management solutions. Development of the Milliarum Cockpit (MC) to represent product engineering processes (PEP) with SAP.


Further specialization on make-to-order production and product engineering processes. Expansion of the development area for customized developments and standard software based on the SAP development environment.


Changeover of the MC from SAP-BSP to SAP-ABAP Web Dynpro Technology. Realization of further MPC content packages and of europe-wide implementation projects.


Inclusion in the special expertise partner program for the SAP Product Lifecycle Management by SAP Germany AG & Co. KG. Realization of the MC content packages Progress Tracking and Expediting. Further expansion of expertise in SAP project controlling and financials.


Realization of the Milliarum Cockpit content packages cost planning and product costing. Adaptation and go-live of our SAP solution for the integrated product costing among others in the medical technology industry.


Realization of the MC content packages capacity and resource planning. Project Highlight: Go-Live of a web-based and company-wide resource management with SAP cProjects & SAP PS for a company from the plant manufactuing sector.


Expansion / product maintenance of MC content packages, including Project Management and Progress Tracking. Milliarum-projects are presented extensively in the press and at conferences.


Leading provider of comprehensive SAP Project Management solutions with an independent process and application technology vision.


Milliarum, represented with three customer presentations on SAP PS and PPM projects at the 15th TA Cook Conference Portfolio and Project Management 2014, presents exclusive to a wider audience its SAP-based Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) solution: The multi-project management method focuses the respective bottlenecks in the development and production process and guarantees companies an enormous throughput and profit (when implementing the method consistently).


Successful customer projects for the simplification of personnel and resource management with SAP PPM (cProjects) and Milliarum add-ons and the projects for the project throughput time reduction with the SAP-based critical chain project management (CCPM) solution have attracted great interest in the SAP world and be detail presented in the press, in meetings and webinars.Milliarum wins more new customers in the areas of integrated project management solutions based on SAP, personnel and resource management with SAP PPM and SAP-based critical chain project management (CCPM) and implemented in the context of customer projects and innovation projects comprehensive enhancements in Milliarum and SAP solutions. As part of customer projects we implement SAP project management solutions with UI5 and Fiori Apps. Milliarum builds more expertise in the areas of SAP HANA and SAP CPM (Commercial Project Management). The large demand for our solutions leads to an intensification of the partner program. Customer projects with the partner companies BiTech, BTC, DSC, MHP, Orbis, Pronovia, SAP, and Vistem Vollmer & Scheffczyk, lead to further expansion and intensification of the partner program.


The 2016 starts with customer projects in the areas of SAP PPM, SAP PS and SAP CPM, UI5 and Fiori Apps. As part of a university cooperation an SAP UI5 Innovation Project is processed. Embedding Milliarum solutions in partner solutions will be further expanded. Joint events with different partners lead to great customer inquiries, customer projects and the expansion of the customer base. In April 2016, we can look back to 10 years Milliarum and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, employees and partners for the successful cooperation.