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Der diesjährige DSAG-Kongress stand unter dem Motto:„Business Transformation aus der Steckdose?“ und stellte damit die Herausforderung der Transformation von Geschäftsprozessen oder sogar ganzer Marktmodelle in den Mittelpunkt des Jahreskongresses.
Wie geht man mit der Digitalisierung der Geschäftsprozesse um? Welche Rolle können SAP und Milliarum Lösungen dabei spielen? Antworten darauf lieferte Ihnen dieser DSAG-Jahreskongress 2016.


Reports, practical experience, updates to SAP PS SAP PPM

The requirements for the project management are now more versatile than ever. Quite often it is important to evaluate a variety of different projects and prioritize accordingly. The different departments have involved, coordinated project teams and necessary resources are allocated and controlled. Without adequate IT support it can´t be handled in practice. The 17th annual meeting, portfolio and project management with SAP  24-25th February 2016 in Berlin offered participants the opportunity to interact with users and to learn more about how they are using SAP in project management.

The DSAG conference this year was held under the motto: "ERP / 4 Customer: More than quick and easy" and tried to answer the question how SAP moves in a field of tension to offer tailored solutions for companies with different levels of development.

On the annual DSAG Conference in Bremen you could hear this interesting presentation of our manager, Steffen Wester-Ebbinghaus:
SAP document management as a building block to shorten lead times in projects
Embed documents in the SAP system and realize additional benefits from integration

  • Base in the customer project
  • Pulse for the SAP / critical chain project management (CCPM) solution with integration of document management
  • Overview of the SAP modules used
  • Integration of projects and documents for imaging Full Set and Full Phase
  • Control and monitoring of documents
  • Customer examples
  • Result and outlook


Friday, 13 November 2015 12:53

4Introduction of CCPM as a new method of optimized project management

Conventional project management software works with milestones, time buffers and priority lists. But how do you create the conditions for a reduction of complexity, reduce project cycle time and simplified planning and self-control?
The company KAPP has 2014 decided these objectives by introducing the critical chain project management (CCPM) methodology to achieve and led at the location Coburg Milliarum CCPM solution as a new software tool for this project management method.

Please read more interesting information in the online publication of the latest LEAN magazine.



Wednesday, 10 September 2014 12:05

Success Factor Resource-Management

Success Factor Resource-Management
In the journal "Energiewirtschaft" (ew), edition 09/2014 and in the Sapport edition 09/2014 is reported in detail on the "Success Factor Resource Management" at the Mitsubishi-Hitachi Systems Europe GmbH. More information is available here.

Definitely the right foundation for a vital business: In the S@pport Edition 06/2014, the Milliarum project to map the product development process at Otto Fuchs KG based on the SAP project system is described in detail. For more information, click here.

Resource and Staffing Overview PPM Picture 1

To plan capacity requirements for each project and role, to compare them with the available capacity, to identify bottlenecks early and then fill the roles with the appropriate staff is the central challenge of modern resource management. Our new product "Milliarum Resource and Staffing Overview based on SAP" provides you with a cost-effective and integrated planning tool for optimal staff deployment planning.

dsagMilliarum held, on the DSAG working group meeting project management with the day focus -AG Project System- on 03/04/2014 in Walldorf, a lecture on how to embed the Critical Chain Project Management Methodology (CCPM) in the SAP Project System.
Detailed project information is available here.

How much reserve lies in your multi-project management?



In the current edition 03/2014 of the journal "wissensmanagement" the company Milliarum GmbH & Co. KG presents the article: "CCPM: Reduce project cycle times by 25 percent".
For more information, click here.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:14

Workforce management based on SAP PPM

Fotolia 48804183 XSEinsatzplanungWorkforce management based on SAP PPM

In the current edition 03/2014 of the magazine E3, our customer gkvi presented an article on the topic: "Workforce management based on SAP PPM".
For more information, click here.

Progress Tracking FTS Grafik

We now provide our customers with the Milliarum Fast Track Solutions (FTS), a defined range of functions at a fixed price, thereby minimizing project risks. The predefined solutions enable the usage of best practice processes, a rapid implementation and low implementation costs.

Hand KugellThe E3 magazine (E3 magazine october 2012 page 108 to 109) reports detailed about the project "Intelligent Add-ons for simplified SAP Project Planning and Order Tracking" at the company Loesche. Further information is available here.