Follow Up Processing

Further information pictureThe Milliarum Follow Up Processing enables automated processing of follow up actions when certain events occur. Typical events are e.g. the posting of documents (in this case the follow up events are triggered from SAP Exits). During the following synchronous or asynchronous processing of an event the in the customizing allocated follow-up action will be executed.


The following features distinguish the Follow-Up Processing:

  • Events and follow up actions controlled by customizing
  • Deactivation of individual events
  • Reference to the SAP® application log
  • Centralized logging
  • Uniform interface-based implementation
  • Support for asynchronous follow-up action processing

Project example

MC-Follow Up Processing:

Initial situation:

  • SAP® project is created using assembly processing.
  • Not all required data from the SD document are carried over to the project.
  • Demanded features (including selective release of activities) are not available in the SAP® standard.


  • All required data (including texts, partners ...) from the SD document should be carried over to the project.
  • Demanded features (including selective release of activities) should be performed automatically based on rules.


  • Use of the Milliarum Follow Up Processing
  • Definition of events and follow up actions

Milliarum Services

For this product we offer the following services:

  • Introductory consulting
  • Implementation
  • Customizing
  • Training
  • Maintenance

This product is offered as license package with maintenance according to the Milliarum price list. The implementation consulting and custom extensions are performed on a time or, alternatively, at a fixed price.