Office Integration

Further information pictureMilliarum Office Integration is a software product that provides an ABAP-based interface between the SAP data and an open XML document (Office 2007 or later). Content from Office documents can be extracted on the Netweaver Application Server ABAP and they can also be processed. The reverse path is also provided: SAP data can freely be transferred, for example in an Excel document.

The Milliarum product Office Integration allows the use of Office documents, without that numerous document versions are in circulation and the underlying data is outdated or the responsible employees for the documents are no longer available.


The Milliarum product Office Integration provides following features:

  • Processing of PPTX, DOCX, XLSX from ABAP
  • Filling of Office documents with SAP data
  • Support of documents with macros
  • Read and write access
  • Customizing for linking to specific applications such as Milliarum Cockpit
  • Delivery of standard classes for the “jump start” with Office Integration
  • Conversion of DDIC structures in Office format
  • Object-oriented handling of Office entities such as Excel workbook, Excel worksheet
  • Cooperation with arbitrarily complex and designed Office documents

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The Milliarum product Office Integration benefits your business, determined by the following factors:

  • Avoiding redundant data
  • Automated document generation based on freely definable templates
  • Well-defined interfaces between SAP applications and Office documents
  • Self-styled and arbitrarily complex document templates
  • Central template management and versioning
  • Bidirectional data transfer possible

Project example

Business Case Upload with MS-Excel in RPM:

Initial situation/Processing in MS Excel/ SAP-PPM:

  • As part of the product development process projects (initiatives) with n products (items) are created in the SAP PPM.
  • With an excel-based business case the decentralized planning and evaluation of each project and product is made.
  • If the business case is complete, the data is transferred manually into custom fields of the SAP PPM.


  • Integration of business case and item / project in the SAP PPM
  • Transparent information on the business case
  • History of changes of the business case


  • Call of the MS-Excel/SAP-PPM interface via hyperlink in the SAP PPM, updates via RFC modules.
  • Item's in Excel have a unique identifier to identify the associated PPM items.
  • Excel template with predefined worksheets for download / upload and data entry. Any extensions via Excel macros are possible.
  • SAP / Excel Integration with download / upload features
  • Versioning of the Excel data via SAP feature.

Milliarum Services

For this product we offer the following services:

  • introductory consulting
  • implementation
  • customizing
  • training
  • maintenance

This product is offered as license package with maintenance according to the Milliarum price list. The implementation consulting and custom extensions are performed on a time or, alternatively, at a fixed price.