For the individual requirements of our customers, we have realized a variety of SAP PPM cPro / RPM extensions that we provide as turn-key solutions.

You use the SAP PPM resource planning via roles and want to provide some mass editing features and additional information directly into the cProjects interface for the project planner and resource manager?

Primary Cost Planning in SAP- cPro

You use the SAP PPM cProjects and want to provide functions for the project planner to plan the primary costs directly in the cProjects interface.

Automated Item Creation in SAP RPM

You use the SAP PPM for the management of project applications. The capture and processing of project applications is done in a MS Word or MS Excel form.

Business Case Upload with Excel in the SAP- PPM/RPM

Do you use the excel-based business case upload in the product development process to create projects (initiatives) with n products (items) in the SAP PPM?

Performance Risk List in SAP-cPro

You use the Performance Risk List to reflect integrated project risks? This solution extends the PPM to a variety of functions, such as a dashboard for multi-project risk representation and the mapping of the risk value using Easy Cost Planning.