Search Engine Services

The Milliarum Search Engine Services are an independent Milliarum product which pick up the functionalities provided by SAP TREX and reach the next evolution stage with its Milliarum-typical flexibility and efficiency. As a forerunner of SAP HANA, SAP TREX is available to any SAP ERP customer as the technological basis for fast searches. With the Milliarum Search Engine Services we offer not only a integration into the Milliarum Cockpit, the search can also be performed as a stand-alone application from any ABAP program. The following objects are innately supported:

PS:      WBS elements, network activitiesFurther information picture
MM:     purchase order items, purchase order item schedule lines
ORD:  production orders, internal orders

Six SAP objects are already supported. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to work with the tools provided to add his own implementations for search engine objects. Thus it is for example possible to search through customized tables and business objects with the usual speed of TREX.


The Milliarum Search Engine Services provide the following features:

  • full TREX search with search engine speed
  • seamless integration with existing SAP TREX architecture
  • increased flexibility compared to standard implementations
  • availability of six object types
  • ability to add new object types
  • future supply of new types of objects and features

The Milliarum Search Engine Services allow the searchability of:

  • database fields (over multiple tables)
  • long texts
  • custom database fields
  • custom fields that do not exist on the database, but are particularly specified for the TREX index (virtual attributes)
  • fields with multiple attribute values ​​for each record


The Milliarum product Search Engine Services benefits your business, determined by the following factors:

  • comfortable Customizing to define new index fields without programming effort
  • indexing an unlimited number of fields
  • integration into Milliarum Cockpit for high-performance data selection via any fields
  • search is possible from any ABAP program
  • TREX search help is possible
  • standardized indexing and delta logic are suitable for reuse
  • encapsulation of reusable logic into utility classes
  • rapid development of new index objects possible
  • tool support of the fast or classic delta indexing

Milliarum Services

For this product we offer the following services:

  • introductory consulting
  • implementation
  • customizing
  • training
  • maintenance

This product is offered as license package with maintenance according to the Milliarum price list. The implementation consulting and custom extensions are performed on a time or, alternatively, at a fixed price.